Choosing the Best Parrot Cage and its Location

parrot cage location

Many people keep parrots as pets. They often wonder about how the cage looks like and what is the preferable space to place it. First of all, it is important to understand that there is no ideal cage for parrots. You can find various types of parrot’s cage in the market today. Each cage might be different from others, but all are valid and can be chosen as the home of your pet.

The most important aspect is to ensure the freedom of movement for the parrot and not feel any restriction. It merely means that the cage must be proportional to the size of the animal. Remember one thing before buying a cage for your parrot, i.e. the growth factor. If the parrot is in its first month, it will definitely increase in size. So it is recommended to buy a big cage so that you will not have to change it again over the months.

In short, the parrot should feel comfortable in the cage and able to stretch and perform specific movements in the cage easily. If you want your parrot to fly inside the cage, so the length of the cage must be greater. However, cages without opaque walls are recommended but should be made up of wires. It allows parrots to hang on and also provide a visual contact through which they can see what’s happening outside the cage.

One more thing that is essential to look for the cage prepared for these parrots. Make sure that the cage’s material shouldn’t harm them.

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Finally, it is required that every parrot cage has the following objects or elements :

  • Drinkers
  • Feeders
  • Sticks
  • Toys

Where to put a parrot cage?

You might wonder about what is the best position or placement of the cage in the home. That should be the one that has the most benefits for the parrots or will make it feel better in its day to day life. In fact, this is one of the first things you think about when you decide to buy a parrot so that it becomes part of the family or home. In short, the following points are recommended.

The parrot and its cage should be located in the room where the people often pass. That is, the one where household members usually spend more time and that receives many visits throughout the day. In this way, the pet will not feel discarded from other people. These spaces are usually places such as the living room and even the porch in summer. 

However, you must be careful with high temperatures and do not leave the parrot cage in the sun during specific hours as it can suffer from sunstroke. In the same way, many people decide to place the parrot’s cage in the kitchen as this is one of the busiest places. Even so, it is recommended to rethink this option since the different smells of food, fumes, and other types of aspects can be harmful to the pet.

It is necessary to avoid placing the animal near any radiator, stove, or air conditioning drain, which may cause a sudden temperature change. It might be harmful and can cause the pet to fall ill or start to feel bad. Therefore, the medium temperature is recommended at the cage location.

It is recommended that the cage be located as close to the wall or window on one side. It shouldn’t be placing it in the center of the room so that the parrot does not feel surrounded and insecure. 

Cleaning and decorating the cage

Besides the cage location, cleaning, and decorating is also a part of a pet’s healthy life. Always keep the cage clean and hygienic as possible. While an appropriate decoration provides ease, comfortable and much happiness.

Finally, concerning decoration, it is crucial to recreate the natural habitat of the animal and that it can make use of a series of objects that serve as entertainment for the lonely hours. Its happiness highly conditions the health of an animal, and if it feels lonely and unhappy, it will get worse.


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