Why Do Cats Meow at Night?

why do cats meow at night

What should I do If my cat keeps meowing at night? Although its a dark night or not, you definitely want to restrict your cat from turning your cat into a cunning version of the werewolf. You can assume about your cat that he might be hungry or thirsty when he meows at night. These symptoms assure that he has some problems with this behavior, which seems scary at night. But the fun fact is that cats often do this just to gain your attention. In this blog, we will try to tell you why do cats meow at night and the possible solutions for stopping this.

Causes of the meow and possible solutions

Meow is the communication strategy and sound characteristic of cats. If you have cats and have experienced while living with them, you often have observed that every meow doesn’t sound like the same as always—he departures from a normal routine. When the cat meows in a way that is not expected to do so, there might be some following causes.

  • When your cat hurts by something, he expresses the pain by meowing. If your cats often keep meowing, so you should consult with the doctor because it might be possible that he has some disease.
  • When you left your cat alone at home, he meows because of separation stress.
  • When you change your cat’s territory, he starts meowing because of an unwanted restriction in their domain. For example, an object usually keeps at the top of the place where the cat sleeps, and you changed the object position.
  • If it is a kitten that has not yet been sterilized, the meows may correspond to the time of heat. 
  • Cats also meow when they are hungry.

How to stop my cat from meowing at night

Suppose you find yourself in this particular situation where the cat meows a lot, especially at night. First of all, you need to observe the nature of meow and the conditions under which it occurs. In principle, the meow will correspond to a communicative action that expresses the stress, pain, attitude of hunting insects, or hunger.

However, there is no valid or proven answer on how to stop your cat from meowing at night, but we can try to control it by using the following tips.

  • Try to observe your cat’s behavior during the daytime. It might be possible, he feels alone or getting bored and need a further activity with you.
  • Make sure that you have given clean water, required food, and a clean litter box. 
  • If you find that he is only seeking your attention because you have ruled out minor ailments, try to ignore him when he meows at night, so he understands that he can’t always get away with it.

If you still have any questions about unnecessary cats meow at night, you should consult with a doctor who can surely entertain you with the expert opinion. In contrast, you have read about the various factors for causing meow at night. What do you think why do cats meow at night? What’s your experience regarding your cat meowing at night? Please share it with us in the comment section!


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