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parrot lifespan

Longevity depends on multiple variables (diet, genetics, hygiene, etc.). Your role is supreme in the parrot lifespan. Pet birds can survive for a long time. Potential owners need to know the lifespan of their birds so that they can provide proper supervision at any time.

Parrot life expectancy

What is the lifespan of a parrot? The parrot life expectancy is greater than that of other birds. This is because they have few predators and are colonial in most cases, which is why it is easier for them to find food, unlike other animals.

There are several species in the world with a large number of predators that cannot have a longer life since they are eaten more easily, and their reproduction becomes more complicated.

But how long does a parrot live? Before answering, you should know that in the world there are more than 300 species of parrots and that each one of them, depending on the conditions of life, has a more or less long half-life.

Relationship between parrot lifespan and its size

Parrots vary in size from very small birds to large specimens, and they can actually grow up to 100 cm or 3.3 feet in length.

According to the experts, the parrot life expectancy depends on the species. In general, the larger the size of a bird, the longer lifespan is expected. Some parrots may live longer than their owners while captivated parrots usually can reach the maximum potential age.

How long do parrots live

Parrots are the longest-lived species of all birds. In fact, the subspecies of cockatoos and Amazon parrots can reach 75 years of age and even more. Because they are some predators and usually colonial, so their chances of finding food are considerably greater than that of other animals.

Species with a large number of predators cannot avoid being eaten by other animals at a slightly early age, so their reproduction is more complicated, and they are less long-lived.

This is the reason why they evolve to reproduce as quickly as possible, with large quantities of babies, which affects the metabolic resources of adults, who are more likely to die shortly after the birth of the young.

The following facts provide you the parrot lifespan.

Love Bird10 to 15 years
Guayaquil ParrotThey can live up to 25 years
CockatoosUp to 60 years 
Yellow chevroned parakeet15 to 20 years
Conures30 years
monk parrotLives around 20 years
rose-ringed parakeet20 to 30 years
yellow-shouldered Amazon50 to 60 years
macaw50 years or more
Lear’s macaw or indigo macaw30 to 50 years
Spix’s Macaw20 to 30 years
Red-bellied Macaw 30 years but more likely 15 to 20 years
Glaucous macawLives between 14 and 60 years
Golden parakeet30 years
Hyacinth Macaw50 years
Rainbow lorikeet10 to 20 years
Meyer’s Parrot25 to 30 years
yellow-headed amazon60 years
brown-headed parrot15 to 25 years
Brown-necked parrot30 years
African Gray parrot40 to 60 years
Red-bellied parrotApproximately 30 years
Parakeet5 to 8 years, but can reach up to 15 years.
Caiques50 years
Canaries10 years
Cockatiels10 to 14 years
Eclectus parrots lifespan30 years
Senegal Parrots50 years
Pionus Parrots25 years

Maximum age of a parrot?

The highest age of a parrot is considered to be 118 years old. Their life expectancy is between 50 and 80 years. As per the records, the oldest living parrot is 92 years old, but some claim that some parrots are older.

Parrot lifespan factors

Nutrition and proper diet are considered the most affecting factor for the longevity of a parrot’s life.

Providing your parrots with a proper diet helps them to stay healthy. A comprehensive diet includes nuts, grains, fruits, seeds, and vegetables. For maintaining the longevity of parrots, minerals, fats, vitamins, and proteins are essential in their diet.

One of the worst situations is to provide the bird with a diet based on sunflower seeds that the bird likes. It is high in fat and contains few nutrients.

Parrot lifespan environmental factors

Besides proper diet, some environmental factors also help in the longevity of the parrot’s life.

Appropriate cage size

The cage size should be comfortable and have enough space to spread wings, climb, and move freely around the cage. Choosing the best parrot cage and its location ensures the freedom of the parrot’s movement.


The lifespan of parrots and birds depends on their hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the bird and avoid contact with the bird if you are unwell or ill. It is also necessary to keep the parrot cage neat and clean. You can also decorate the cage with toys to prevent emotional or mental disturbance.

Provide Natural sunlight

If we put the bird inside the house, usually we don’t provide the full spectrum of lighting.

Birds living in this situation have health problems. So it is essential to use special bulbs to ensure full spectrum illumination. At the same time, the best and recommended way is to keep the cage where natural sunlight can easily reach to the parrot’s cage.

Some popular old parrots

Some parrots’ life has exceeded our expectation! The following are supposed to be the oldest parrots in the world. We are going to present the 3 oldest parrots in the world.

1- Cookie

According to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014, the cookie is one of the oldest parrots in the world.

Age: 23 Years
Country: United States
Breed: Mitchell’s cockatoo

2- Poncho

Most of the poncho parrots live to about 50 to 60 years old, but some can be 80 years old as long as they eat a healthy diet. However, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the poncho (92 years old) is officially the oldest parrot in the world.

Age: 92 Years
Country: United States
Breed: Green-winged macaw

3- Charlie

Charlie lived in Heathfield Nurseries. She also became very popular, and people used to visit the nursery to see her.

Age: 114 years
Country: England
Breed: Female blue and gold macaw

Final thoughts

You can keep many kinds of birds in your home, but parrots are the most popular. The survival of old parrots and birds depends on several factors, as discussed.

You have read about the most common species and understand the longevity of each. If you decide to keep a bird as a pet, in addition to considering longevity, keep in mind the recommendations in this blog.

To flourish and to satisfy your parrot’s life, you must provide a satisfactory home (cage), hygiene conditions, a nutritious diet, and most importantly love and care. In this blog, we tried to explore the average lifespan of a parrot and you might have got your answer on how long do parrots live. For more interesting facts about your loving pets, stay with us!


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