How To Trim Rabbit Nails

how to trim rabbit nails

Trimming rabbit nails are also a part of their healthy life. They do not stop growing like our nails, and they must be relatively small so as not to suffer any disturbances or break during a trot in the home.  

Whenever we think of cutting nails, we start imagining of blood because there are veins on the nails; if they are not cut properly, they will bleed … a lot. I know that some people are afraid to cut themselves because it can be a difficult task. If you think it is not suitable for you, you can ask your veterinarian to cut it at any time. In any case, calming down is easier than it seems. Let’s see how to cut bunny nails.

  • To cut your rabbit’s nails, get a cat clipper. They are fit for rabbits, although you find a nail clipper for rabbits, better than better. Ignore completely about other tools like normal scissors or tongs.

  • You have to be calm and able to convey your rabbit peace and fine everything.

  • Don’t do it alone. Ask another person to help you, as it will be better to hold the rabbit. Make sure it doesn’t hurt you with its back legs. It may start biting you if it gets very nervous. If your rabbit is too nervous, do not hesitate to go to a third person.

  • Don’t be blunt and speak in a soft voice while trimming his nails.

  • It is advisable to always cut your rabbit’s nails in a well and comfortable place.

  • Never cut the meat part. It always has to be the white and clear part; also, if you do not see it clear, cut only the nail’s tip.

  • The nails of the front legs grow faster than those of the back legs. Therefore the nails of the back legs can be longer without being cut.

  • Respect the shape of the nail, making the cut slightly sloping.

  • If you do a wound, wash, and cover the wound immediately to stop the bleeding. If you see that it is increasing, go to the vet immediately.

When you are done cutting all of your rabbit’s nails, you can give him a piece of his favorite treat. In this way, you will connect nail cutting with something positive and have a better attitude towards your rabbit.

It is necessary to cut the nails of domestic rabbits that live with us at home because when living indoors and spending time in cages, they hardly wear their nails. On the other hand, wild rabbits, or those with regular access to the outdoors, can dig burrows and run freely on the hard ground to wear them down and would not need this.


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