Keeping Owls As Pets – Is It Legal To Have a Pet Owl?

owls as pets

Indoor pet animals have grown a lot these days, and people are considering and accepting animals of other species than ordinary dogs and cats. Rodents are stepped on, but exotic animals and individual animals of this species, although harmful, require various care to live in homes and cages. What about owls? can you have owls as pets?

One example of an exotic animal is an owl. Some are very fond of birds and have decided to put aside the classic parakeet or parrot to take care of larger animals that need more care, and sometimes it is better not to go. Here are some things to consider when you want to keep an owl as a pet and whether it is convenient to bring an owl.

Characteristics of owl

It is essential to know this animal’s characteristics before embarking on the adventure of raising owls as pets. Owls are both predators and nocturnal animals, so they are much more active at night. They are usually found in a fixed place, and they do not like to change areas during their lives. They are very quiet and have broad wings that allow them to fly at high speed.

Owls are wild animals that need a lot of attention. They have the most developed sense of vision. Owls are very enigmatic animals and feature a heart-shaped head. These animals cannot move their eyeballs, so they have to turn their heads completely. It should be noted that they are very solitary animals and not scavengers.

A nightlife owl

Before deciding to welcome an owl as a pet, we need to clarify that it is definitely a wild animal and can’t be considered as a pet. As mentioned earlier, owls are animals that determine nightlife. So, if you have a pet, be aware that your companion will unusually be active during the day.

As a night owl, there will be more activities at night.

Also, the owls are nocturnal animals that can cause problems for other people living in your home. If an owl is free anywhere in the house, it will be most active at night, and when in a cage, the owl should pay a lot of attention, such as: Pulled it out at night because it’s time for the most prominent activity.

What to feed a pet owl

Another aspect to consider everything related to owls is their diet. They generally eat dead animals, so not give them other feed products purchased from a particular pet store. First of all, owls can eat insects and small birds or you may feed reptiles such as snakes, so you can easily find them in stores.

However, owls have to eat animals such as dead rats and rabbits, which are a little harder to find in pet stores. These foods can also cause odors, so they should be stored in a cool place, such as in a freezer. If you’re a bit meticulous, you wouldn’t be happy to get a dead animal to feed the owl.

How to take care of an owl

Keeping an owl as a pet requires constant dedication and daily grooming. This article assumes that keeping an owl as a pet is not convenient. Owls must fly at least a few hours a day. When entering the cage, the owner must remove it and let it fly for several hours.

For this, the owl needs a large space for comfort and calmly spreading its enormous wings. It should be noted that these animals change their feathers from time to time, that it is necessary to remove the feathers not only in spaces where wild animals are located but also in places where they rest for several days.

Owl care should be constant

Owls are aggressive animals that sometimes cannot have soft relationships like other pets because they behave completely violently. It also makes a series of calls at night during the mating season as part of its behavior in nature, stopping the rest of the pets.

Is it legal to have a pet owl?

Humans can keep various owls as pets in the U.K., but the United States doesn’t allow to own native or snowy owls as pets. They are protected by nationwide under migratory bird treaty laws. Under the same law, you cannot even own one of the feathers without permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Permits to own native raptors are issued only for educative purposes and for falconers. The process of becoming a legitimate falconer is very complex and requires discipline. So this is definitely not unexpected pet ownership.

Do owls make good pets?

Are owls good pets? For all the above reasons, keeping owls as pets is not convenient, because owl can be dangerous, and if you have an owl, make sure everyone has a tip. However, if you don’t have any experience with birds, you’ll need little help from trainers, because they’ve been welcoming owls as a kid to give you the necessary guidance and raise them from a young age.


  1. I inspired by the Harry Potter for keeping owl as a pet but I understand he needs too much care and can be dangerous while keeping it at home.


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